Basic Commands


Due to Discord verification requirements you will need to use @flipmmo [command] to run the commands in this document in installed Discords. "mmo" commands are still available for use in the FlipMMO Discord.

@FlipMMO start - Create your character @FlipMMO tutorial - See a brief tutorial on game play @FlipMMO profile - View your profile @FlipMMO daily - Get a daily loot box @FlipMMO vote - Get a daily topgg loot box for voting

@FlipMMO inv - View Your Inventory and Equipped Items @FlipMMO open <common / rare / topgg> all - Open your loot boxes @FlipMMO equip <item> - Equip an item to an equipment slot @FlipMMO unequip <slot> - unequip an item

@FlipMMO fight - Fight a monster @FlipMMO idle fight - Idle fight has a longer cooldown but larger rewards @FlipMMO eat <cooked fish> - Eat Food to heal

@FlipMMO skills - View your level and xp in all skills @FlipMMO fish - Catch Fish @FlipMMO cook - Cook Fish @FlipMMO chop - Chop Trees @FlipMMO mine - Mine Ore @FlipMMO lap - Increase energy levels @FlipMMO energy - Restore energy levels by solving a DM captcha @FlipMMO idle <skill> - Idle (fish, cook, chop, mine, lap) has a longer cooldown but larger rewards

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