@FlipMMO inv - View Your Inventory and Equipped Items

@FlipMMO stats <item> - See item stats

@FlipMMO equip <item> - Equip an item to an equipment slot

@FlipMMO unequip <slot> - unequip an item

@FlipMMO open <common / rare / topgg> all - Open your loot boxes

@FlipMMO open <orepack / fishpack / logpack> all - Open your packs

Use /mmo stats <item1> <item2> to compare items to help decide the best items to equip.

@FlipMMO bank - View Your Bank @FlipMMO bank deposit <coins / item> <amount / all> - Deposit Items or Coins into your Bank @FlipMMO bank withdraw <coins / item> <amount / all> - Withdraw Items or Coins from your Bank

@FlipMMO ge - View Items listed for sale. Optionally add item or category to view only those items @FlipMMO buy - Buy an Item from GE @FlipMMO sell - Sell an item on the GE @FlipMMO delist - Delist your item from the GE

Raw materials and cooked food can be purchased and sold!

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