Player Commands

@FlipMMO guild list - List Guilds @FlipMMO guild join - Join a guild @FlipMMO guild leave - Leave your guild @FlipMMO guild - View your guild @FlipMMO guild inv - View your guild inventory @FlipMMO guild create - Create a guild @FlipMMO guild give - Donate to your guild bank @FlipMMO guild reward - Receive a daily reward from your guild

When you do fights and other activities in the game, you give your guild XP. Your daily guild reward is determined based on the amount of XP you've given your guild that day.

Leader/Officer Commands

@FlipMMO guild kick <@player> - Kick a player from your guild @FlipMMO guild ban <@player> - Ban a player from your guild @FlipMMO guild unban <@player> - Unban a player from your guild @FlipMMO guild banned - View all banned players @FlipMMO guild upgrade - Upgrade your guild boss @FlipMMO guild attack - Attack another guild @FlipMMO guild raid - Start a guild raid @FlipMMO guild loot <@player> - Give a guild member raid loot @FlipMMO guild promote <@player> - Promote a member to officer @FlipMMO guild demote <@player> - Demote a member from officer

Officers can Ban/Unban Players, Initiate Raids, Give Loot, and Enter Guild Tournaments!

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