Use lists to determine items needed for recipes and where those items can be found.

@FlipMMO list fish - List all fish @FlipMMO list food - List all food @FlipMMO list logs - List all logs @FlipMMO list ore - List all ore @FlipMMO list bars - List all bars @FlipMMO list smithing - List all smithable items @FlipMMO list crafting - List all craftable items @FlipMMO list weapon - List all weapons @FlipMMO list armor - List all armor @FlipMMO list magic - List all magic items @FlipMMO list areas - List all areas @FlipMMO list dungeons - List all dungeons @FlipMMO list partydungeons - List all party dungeons @FlipMMO list raids - List all raids @FlipMMO list pets - List all pets @FlipMMO list courses - List all agility courses @FlipMMO list seeds - List all seeds @FlipMMO list crops - List all crops @FlipMMO list potions - List all potions

psst, there are 5 different color Partyhat's you can find via killing mobs in different areas. Gather all 5 for a rare craftable item available in a future update.

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