Get your fight on: @FlipMMO action - Select an option to fight or skill @FlipMMO fight - Fight a monster @FlipMMO idle fight - Fight a bunch of monsters @FlipMMO slayer - Get a slayer task to slay some monsters @FlipMMO eat <cooked food> - Eat food to heal

If you die you go back to full health and loose 10% of your coins, so make sure to eat!

Get your fight on but harder: @FlipMMO df <dungeon> - Fight a dungeon @FlipMMO dungeon - UI Dropdown to select a dungeon to fight @FlipMMO drink <potion> - Drink a potion for boosts in a dungeon fight

Get knocked down a peg: @FlipMMO boss - View Current World Boss @FlipMMO boss attack - Attack World Boss @FlipMMO boss all - List all World Bosses

The World boss is a game-wide on-going effort to kill the boss. Every player who participates in the world boss fight gets a rare box on defeat!

Fight with other people: @FlipMMO duel <@player> - Duel another user to risk ELO and Coins @FlipMMO brawl <@player> - Brawl another user without risking ELO and Coins

Fight with other people (but together): @FlipMMO pdf <dungeon> - Fight a party dungeon @FlipMMO partydungeon - UI Dropdown to select a party dungeon

Check out Party Dungeons for more info!

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